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Of course I've found more lovely creations since I posted last. :-)  Wanna see?

This week's theme is framed things.  Basically, things it never would have occurred to me to put in a frame, but that turned out really neat.  As always, click the description to load the item's actual page.

Framed twigs and branches 

 Framing a pumpkin

Framed glittery reindeer

 Framed glitterball ornament

 Faux-crow "taxidermy" 
 I can see this working in an Easter theme with a "mounted" bunny or chicken head. :-)

 Framed "specimens"
PumpkinsBats and spiders | Snowflakes


And of course we gotta have some tasty goodness.  Some of these would work great both for holidays and gifts, and just for having.

Hot chocolate on a stick 

Cotton candy cone 


Sweet crescent roll cornucopias

Captain Jack's tricorne hat cookies



Brownie cupcakes with "grilled" candy decorations

4th of July cupcake/marshmallow/fruit kabobs